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Chez Moi {Home}

My name is Hope and my life is messy…. I want to learn the language of light. I want to know the beauty of brokenness and the brokenness of beauty. The DNA of heaven held in my heart, trying to find home here amongst the many. My name is hope and my life is messy. Hope is defined as the feeling of expectation and the dream for something to happen. My name has inspired a life long creative search for joy, beauty, adventure, color, community, and connection. To hope is to not yet have, yet hold close. These are my prayers and promises written in ink, portraits of light. Messy like me, full of mistakes and typos, caught in between heaven and home. 

I am motivated by light. I want to speak the language of light through photography, poetry, performance and art practice. My name Hope motivates me to seek out light amidst brokenness and injustice.
Lately I've been thinking a whole lot about home. *(Bless all my roommates and family that have joined in the never ending journey and question…

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