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The Local Living Room / Le Foyer Local

Le foyer local The local living room The crumbs are always worth it.
To be welcomed. It’s something we take with us in tupperware containers, suitcases, mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, family photos crumbled with years, fragrance held in glass bottles, spontaneous phone calls across time zones, a favorite tee shirt and tears scattered throughout the journey. It’s a state of mind mixed with nostalgia and messy feelings. Transition as we go and stay.
The Spirit greets us every time as we come. Beauty in becoming, held in two hands. An anchor tattooed into freckled skin. A place loud with silence. Rivers and roads, ocean horizons and mountain tops.
Right here face to face with you.
I go back to it daily, looking for traces of heaven on earth. From work to rest to communion. Home is being known and knowing others. It’s american sized cups of coffee, Christmas morning and palm sunday. Home is the pillow at the end of the day inviting sleep, tears in public spaces and facetime calls to mo…

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