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A Promised Land

Bethlehem "Worst view in the World" from the Walled off Hotel The Sea of Galilee 

We are on a journey... From tombs to tabernacles, communion of the Mount of Beatitudes to birthday cake in Bethlehem in Banksy's Walled off hotel, this trip was far more than vacation or tourism. 
Three women walking in the footsteps of Jesus, the dust of his sandals found on our clothing. Three women with hearts now split open from the contrast and current brokenness of what we know as the Promise Land. We felt the warmth of welcome and the weight of walls. Ruins of ancient cities, Western wall pilgrims constantly wailing in lament, dressed in black at the remains of what was once the presence of God, the Holy of Holies. The walls in our hearts crumble as character is put to the test, crossing borders. Walls built to protect a people result in separation, spray painted with words of peace and political unrest. Sacred spaces with gates, going deeper into the Sea of Galilee. 
A stone roll…

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