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“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” Matthew 21
He came humbly, for we needed to hope again. So we grabbed branches from the trees nearby. Anointed he was, with a the finest aroma, a woman’s alabaster jar cracked open the evening before, for today he shall be King. On a donkey, borrowed, we took off our coats of pride, our garments dirty got touched by holy dust. The mundane made magnificent through the waiving of our branches. Blessed and celebrated… little did we know just one week later we’d crown him too! With thorns and nails, the color changes. The light would leave. But this parade, humble indeed shines with light.
Towards the temple we sent him, to be made from a market into a home, a house of prayer, bringing back a hallelujah. One week God created the world in one week we killed the son of God. but this sacrifice was not free, the price would be paid, his life is laid down for us. For friday came and our stained hands are held high… But his higher still. Fo…

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