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gatherings and grace

Silly hats lined with silver, noise makers and social media posts scream the news "HAPPY NEW YEAR!". Isn't everyday is the opportunity for a "HAPPY NEW"
Let us lean into joy even amidst trials and not forget this  often fleeting feeling of hope that the new year brings. Let your hope dig deep and take root...  

   Transitions can be tough, exciting, adventurous and tumultuous. 2018 felt like a constant transition... a process of changing from one state or condition to another. Over and over again, amidst change, I see the beauty in the act of gathering. To gather is to bring together, collect and make whole. It gives live meaning and purpose. Moments of connection, community and creativity can be found in homes, caf├ęs, street corners, in swimming pools and basement church services. 2019 is fresh in our lives, but most of the year may seem blurry or unknown. This year I pray "presence" may become a daily practice. To be present in the lives of those ar…

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