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white linen

white linen, blank pages

24 février 2019
the sunshine came out in Paris this week, and so did the people.
I walk along the seine, a couple exchanges kisses in a post-card like pose, while another sits separately apart, her stare blank and a bottle of rum half empty in his hands. Stories unfold as I walk slowly, looking and learning to see. A duet of sorts under pont neuf, two girls practicing opera without an audience. The shadows grow long along the walls. I linger in public space.
These walks in the city are research. I am in the education system of the Creator of the universe, the human heart is my text book. This education is both academic and experiential. There are tests and homework daily, but we are always on recess. Children go to school to learn, but how often to we forget that most of our learning happens on the playground and at home? We learn the harshness of humanity as well as what it means to be loved through living, not merely studying.
God gave me a personal Bach conce…

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