I used to hate doing my homework in school... the term "busy work" drove me wild. Worksheets and assignments, forced reading and essays took time away from what I desired most: to take photos, create, dream and play. During this Shelter in Place I propose a new kind of home work for friends, family and classrooms... In collaboration with the director of Transform , I have developed online homework for her high school studio art class in Kansas City! This project is an extension of my research on HOME and seems fitting to invite as many people into it as possible during quarantine while at home. Use whatever language you prefer: French, Spanish, English dance, paint... and share with others.

Watch the studio visit video below to catch the vision! 


-Use words to express what "Home Is_____"... 
- Translate those words into something visual: use your iphone to take a photo, create a collage, a sculpture, self-portrait... Get creative, all materials are welcome! 
- Format: typed, handwritten, turn it into a song, rap, video recording, ect. How do you want to present it? 

Choose an object in your home to be inspired by. Think of when you were a child and got to do "Show and Tell"... Bring something that has a story or significance to you. Spend time with that object. Why is it important? What is it's function? How does it relate to your story? 

Visual Expression
"Final North", Digital Photo Print, 2019: 

My father gave me Grandma M's girl scout compass to me the summer after she passed away while i was in Paris. He wrote a note with it I'll never forget the words: "keep chasing that final north until the end". Tied in a knot with my long hair, this photo has come to represent my family, the generations of women that come before me and my personal identity shown in my trademark of long hair. 

Now it's your turn:

Share your HOME IS____ poems with me and the world: 
let's create something beautiful together! I will be compiling the work for an online magazine and video to be shared with all

send your work to hope.curran@agapefrance.org

Include : Subject line: "Home Is" , Name, location images/typed poem, any other media that accompanies your homework created, 
(optional) age, nationality, job

Instagram: @photohope 

*Feel free to contact me if you'd like to use this for a larger group in your classroom, workspace, team, ect. Let's collaborate!

Extra Credit 

Poetry: published on Darling Magazine

Visit the gallery of SONDER at Fondation des Etats-Unis in Paris and a visit of Home is___ show from the fall

video credits: credit Antoine Le

Home is ______

Home is both here and there. 
It's found in intentional gatherings and spontaneous happenings
Home is my family, my mother's chocolate chip cookies and my father's questions. 
home is you, me and those who become community. 

I thought home was where sunshine and oceans were easily accessed, 
but have found those things in the landscape of humanity. 
In the brokeness of a city
the city of lights

Home is here and there. 
It's the final North
the thing the Spirit leads me towards
the welcome of being known

Home is that which teaches me to HOPE and hang on
heaven is home, and I'm learning to cultivate the hope of it it here 
in the beautiful mess of humanity. 
-hope curran-