Cancelled due to Rain

Cancelled due to rain

Today I ran in the rain.

More than a drizzle, not quite a downpour.

Under the trees the drops are more generous and less consistent. The wind was wild and I felt a dose of wildness seep into my skin as I transpired and trampled in circles around the park at Cité Université. 

I can’t remember the last time I ran in the rain intentionally. Most times I forget an umbrella going someplace, don’t check the weather or Paris is just Paris and nothing at all here is predictable:  I end up running between doorways and awnings dodging puddles, hardly considered running in the rain.

But today, I ran in the rain. 

Californians don’t quite know what to do with the rain. I thought of AYSO soccer and other extracurricular activities and sports that would be “cancelled due to rain”... Swim practice usually always went on despite downpour. With the rare thunderstorm on occasion that brought carpool kids rejoicing in the drop off and pick up zone. Before I had a phone or email account, my mom would somehow get news from a coach announcing cancelation or “postponed until further notice” for scrimmages and games. My response was often relief and joy with slight sorrow. I wouldn’t get to see my friends or wear my shin guards and cool uniform. But this good news thanks to the sky meant finally a Saturday morning with nothing but cartoons and two servings of sugar cereal in my favorite bowl. Hannah and I would always sneak a few extra episodes of SpongeBob or Dexter’s Laboratory if mom was running errands. David would always finish the CinnamonToast Crunch and Apple Jacks before I had my portion, resulting in a solid twenty minutes of pouting. Ebey would study for the SAT in a hoodie sweatshirt in the other room. I think Dad must’ve been in his office or organizing the garage. Every 30 minutes Hannah would find him to ask if we could watch another show. We would put on Gammie’s hand knit socks and slide on the hardwood floors as if Olympic ice skaters. I suppose this was the Curran family’s version of the unplanned Sabbath. Rain Boots dusted off from the upstairs closet, by the afternoon the rain would slow and we would make tin foil boats to race down the gutter, Dad collecting materials to make flags and mini-sail men. 

About once a year these rainy days would surprise us with a rainbow. I would run outside in my socks and forget the ground was still wet. Damp feet running in the rain, to chase the wonder painted across the sky. 

Today I ran in the rain. 

Perhaps these cancelled and postponed plans are unplanned Sabbaths. Perhaps there are rainbows to run after and remember what it’s like to be free. 

I wonder what the weather will be tomorrow.


  1. Oh I love this so much! I used to run in the rain. Dance in the rain. Feel the freedom of being poured over. Perhaps we should all do this every once in awhile.

    I also love the reminiscing on childhood. My sister and I also put on slippery socks and pretended to be Olympic ice skaters. =) Such good memories! <3


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