A Reverse Pilgrimage

To tell a story is to steward time. 
A reverse pilgrimage took me down the coast of California. The path was mending together the torn pieces, repairing the holes of the past and making new as I stayed in the homes and experienced hospitality from the multitudes. Walking the ancient roads of peace, visiting the saints and sacred sites where I have once before experienced the wonder and hope of heaven.

**Written in sitting in a rental car in a parking lot somewhere in Los Angeles in January waiting to meet up with a friend on while on the road for my research project on “HOME” for La Sorbonne. Photos taken along the way while staying in homes and being welcomed by friends and family **

 "Dieu est mon rocher, où je trouve un abri, Mon bouclier et la force qui me sauve, Ma haute retraite et mon refuge. O mon Sauveur! tu me garantis de la violence."2 Samuel 22:3
My refuge. 

I have spent the past week sleeping on the ground, an air mattresses, couches, guest bedrooms, sharing space in an RV waking up to see my breath in the cold of a Californian January. Breath in my lungs I can even see ! 
I’ve eaten leftovers in mismatched bowls, fish cooked over a campfire, fancy restaurant food beautifully plated with linen napkins, to-go take out on the beach, buttery biscuits with maple syrup and instagram foodie worthy dinners, coffee stains and protein bar wrappers as a reminder of my strange existence… I have been grazing and foraging along the way. Avocado trees dangling over fences, a box of oranges given away at a swim meet and persimmons grown by the Big Sur Hermitage, holy food in every bite. A sparrow of sorts. Looking for nourishment in the sharing of meals with people, learning their stories. 

I have been learning to lean into the rhythms of other’s lives, changing my morning ritual in each home I live in. Coffee, fire, family, shelter, keys, codes, bath times, school drop-offs, work-breaks, prayer, surf tides, carrying myself across the coast of California finding belonging in every corner and pit stop. Fitting myself into the days of the people that have changed my life. 
My retreat
I’ve found moments of silence along the way. Working to document the finger print of God in my life. This reverse pilgrimage has taken me back as I look forward. It began with the beauty of shared roads, driving thought the golden light of Big Sur with similar souls. Conversations are a retreat for our souls to be reminded we are not alone. Conversations that curate community, cast vision and call us higher. Coffee. Warm things, eye contact, hands held in wonder and getting glimpses of just how many stars the night sky holds.

Soup with Floyd, Concord

Coffee with Hannah, San Francisco

Strider's 2nd birthday, San Diego

Sorenso home, San Diego

A feast with Amanda, Los Angeles

Coffee Break with Madelene, Los Angeles

In between classes with Dani Mae, UCLA

One of a kind home, Nana & Papa, Santa Barbara

Communion, Isla Vista Church, Goleta

The one & only, Richard Ross

Dirty Dishes, Jesus Burgers Home

Dre & Chris, Summerland

Ice Cream and cookies with Coach Gregg & Carol Wilson

The Lomelinos & Light, Isla Vista

A 5th wheel full of joy, Hannah & Brookie, The Filed of Dreams, Isla Vista

Jesus Burgers on a friday night

Dave & Kristen in their new home

Elaine & Jessee in the light

Ebey & John, The kids are finally asleep, San Diego

Mom laughing at Dad

Jimmy is in love!

Peter in Maritinez


The Golden gate and fog

Cute Dad and sweet momma


 A pilgrim is never at home as they walk and always a stranger and foreigner arriving daily to destinations and other people’s homes. Can a pilgrim have roots? In a religious and spiritual sense, the earth is a country of transition towards the final destination of heaven. A pilgrim may find refuge and hospitality along the way but does not dwell for long in one place. “Safe travels”, “until next time”, “bon route” are phrases common to the pilgrims ears. Pilgrimage is not mere wandering but rather a sense of following. In Christian theology, Jesus calls his disciples to sell everything and “follow me”. Pilgrimage is a testimony of faith and and learning to abandon the luxuries and comforts of home in order to follow a higher calling. Artists live this faith out in following their calling to create.