48 Rue de Lille spilled over with people June 14 for the vernissage of HOME. Le Pavé D'Orsay was created as a gallery in 2006 to be a home for artists to show their work.

Home has a sound. Chatter and laughter mixed with a string quartet playing in the back of the gallery (thanks Quator du Lac for travelling to Paris that played an incredible set of music).

“Comme chez-vous”Feel at home, comme chez vous, set your bags down, can I get you a coffee? Tea? Hungry? How have you been?How are we to show hospitality? To give shelter to the weary wanderer?  I’ve set up a local living room for two weeks in Paris… a bit of a social experiment, relational aesthetics in art termsWe need space, people, comfort. I washed hundreds of dishes, coffee cups and wine glasses, swept the floor that is made messy from outside dirt. I have sat and sipped french press coffee with strangers and heard their stories. I’ve cried, heard the sounds of musicians making music in this space. Songs of home, heart and excellence. A string quartet, acoustic guitar, mini piano, mandolin, just the voices, danced to George Ezra (song of the summer: Shotgun), and listened to the silence between breaths in conversation. It’s all worship, isn’t it. Humans making sound to express souls. Shelter, spaces are meant for rest and community.I have been looking for this and know I’ll have to pack up and move, clean out apartments, deinstall galleries throughout this life, say goodbye. It’s the craving for another world. A longing to belong. Hunger. Put out a plate and serve something. I am thankful for people. For family.  Parents that named me. Grandparents that took me on a trip to France when I was 12, prayer warriors over my life. The centrepiece of the gallery was an Iranian rug found on the streets of Paris, brought into my home last summer and installed in the middle of the show for friends to sit and share their stories. A local Living room of sorts.

What brings us back home? Is it an airplane? A train? Family in town? More and more I am brought home by surprise. A stranger’s smile, a cup of coffee relationship growing strong and steady. Home is found in the going. Good things that take us by surprise. Memories nest themselves in our lives.


 the hands of Jaques Guggenheim

 a furry friend came to visit the gallery with Miki!
 Jim Beise: one of the founders of Le Pavé D'Orsay, a supporter and shepherd of artists

Natalia Havana: Played an incredible show on fête de la Musique, Gare du Love
 Laura Lorens, a singer songwriter trubador dreamer
 Sylvie Glock: mother of dear friends, artist
 Mallory Mayhew: check out her amazing work here
Matt & Simone
 Le Quator du Lac: 4 talented young musicians from California
Charlotte, full of light, a friend from the vintage boutique down the road
 Marie and her pup making friends

 Pause midi on fête de la musique at the Pavé

 photos, poems and prints

merci à tous!

Thank you to everyone who helped make HOME a reality and celebration!


  1. So beautiful and raw and real. We all long for "home" and that place we can put our feet up, rest and engage with those we love (or bask in the wonderful stillness of silence). Thank you for sharing with us, dear one!


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