purity poured from heaven. diagonal, dashing through. following wind's whisper. the neighbors peek through glass panes to see it fall down onto swift walkers. smiling as simplicity smacks their funny faces.
frigid and fresh, cleaning city streets. if i wash myself in it, bathe in her beauty, waters of milk. eyes widen with wonder at fresh fallen snow. hands numb from carrying the things heavy. through forgetting, we look up. winter wisdom timber our moi, fall afresh on my. cover your seeds and gardens from the cold. go play in the purity pouring from heaven.  

-hope curran-

What takes your breath away? A plunge into the freezing brilliant blue ocean, stepping out into snow fall, fire pink blushing sunsets? We are in need of wonder. Our eyes strain to widen, our mouths hunger to exalt and breathe "WOW". Snow fell and stuck in Paris. Our eyes were filled with wonder.

my magnificent models: Audrey Bomar, Danielle Hanzalik, Stephanie McLaughlin, Mallory Mayhew, Allison Chikes