Heaven is our Home

"Heaven is my home"

Last year I moved to Paris with stars in my eyes. Ready to take life by the reign. Soon the grey cold rainy skies turned my heart a bit frigid, feeling the foreignness and weight of the city. I walked down the street one night into a vintage boutique and met Natalia: wrapped in a fur coat and full of conversation. We chatted about art and home. I asked where home was, she boldly stated "Heaven is my home". This conversation was the catalyst for my year in Paris, throwing me into community and color. I went to church with Natalia and have since met some of my dearest friends and found family here in the city of light. Sometimes a simple conversation can change our lives.  

Heaven is our home
So we’ve moved in here
Breaking baguettes, the body of Christ
Fine wine, a communion we carry to the streets of Paris

Heaven is our home
A cathedral amidst chaos, let’s open our doors wide
To poets and painter, florists and freelancers
Listen to accents of our voices in worship
Becoming one body we swing in dance

Heaven is our home
The table fully set
Chez-nous let us not forget
To come with our hands empty, wide open
To see what the father will provide

Heaven is our home
When we’re far away from the familiar
Mixing the magnificent and mundane
Coming and going,

Heaven is our home
Markets and metro line, let the kingdom come
As we become family
Earth suddenly feeling
A bit more like heaven
Held in our hands, coffee cups and conversations
Converting our hearts to eternity

Heaven is my home
Here with everyone else
Searching for a spacious place for my heart to move in
Doors swing wide
The stranger welcomed
Becoming a neighbor, drawing near
Seeds of hope sewn in our garden city. To bloom where we are planted

Heaven is our home
In the city of light
Amongst the many
Making family

Here with you

- la cité community -
-Paris 2018-