Living Water


We are water
Waves and puddles
Icebergs and waterfalls

The sounds and silence
Through the storm and stillness

We are spit and sweat 
sea foam and salty tears of spirit poured out
Filled up to be emptied

We are poured out on vineyards
Made into fine wine grapes
We are water mixed into bread batches


We are morning mist
geysers gushing
Springs overflowing
deep ocean blue

We are tempest clouds
Raindrops caught on car windows
A boiling pot poured into cups of tea
We are condensation and conversations of cold morning breath exhaled, 

frost on morning grass and standing tall in a clear glass. We are sprinklers, leaky faucets and rivers passing through. 

We are abundant yet sacred, 
messy yet pure,  

beyond the grasp of fingertips 


You are living water

I am living water 

We are living water 

featuring: elaine kelly, katie summers, francesca willow, carrie hardaway, melissa livermore, naomi kuo, olga perez and the haven home in Dublin.