Hope is Alive/ Espoir est Vivant

*A reoccurring question mark that is found in my personal, local, global and eternal existence*

I am convinced home is something to be created, cultivated and shared. The journey in-between "here" and "there" can often be marked with pain, disappointment, hurry seeking direction. This hunger and thirst for home is persistent, pushing us into foreign lands, across borders, into new families and confronted with the daily decision to invest and bloom wherever you may be planted. 

Birthdays are for gathering, singing, dancing and eating. To commemorate my 23 years spinning around the sun I wanted to celebrate the gift of life with others. My parents chose to give me the name "Hope", with it has come a lifelong search for substance and light. Full of expectations, dreams and desires I continue to thirst for fullness in this gift of life. Hope is alive in Paris... Through art, social engagement and sharing stories I feel fully alive. 

Paris is plump with potential and inspiration. Art oozes and drips from every corner. The evening was full of spontaneity and home. Family was found in conversations, connections and collaboration. The recipe for the evening included:

-An ancient cave used by Monks in the 1200s, later turned into a Jazz Club and now turned into a community space called "Genesis"
- a type writer to write notes 
-funfetti cookies (the batter brought all the way from a Betty Crocker's box in the US)
-heartfelt and authentic music by Jasmine Guerrero
- Dancing, clapping, conversations
-Stangers, sisters, travelers, old friends and roommates all together in one space
-French rosé, Chinese green tea, English cookies, lots of snacks

- Art work by :
Tzu-Fang Cheng
Béatrice Decomisos
Sylvie Glock
Miranda O'Mahony

poem written in 2015 from "Hopeful for Home" art exhibit:

Heaven’s Home
{Personal Poem}
Hopeful for home
I no longer feel so alone
My brokenness redeemed
The pain and hurt is not as it had seemed
My home is in the heart
Social engagement through art
home is wherever I’m with you
I was planted and there I grew
A heart remodeled by love
God’s forgiveness sent from above
That came down to earth and knocked
On the door to my heart, my life was forever rocked
He came in and made his home
For eternity I’ll never be alone
In his safety I’m made whole
Heaven is my destination and my goal
Home is with humanity
His name Jesus, in him I find love’s authenticity
My last breath here on earth
Will be my very first in heaven
Death of the physical
The birth of eternal life found on day seven