Something Spectacular

Something spectacular sat between us
we wrote a grocery list for God:

give us light in our eyes 
white lilies of the valley as milk
bread for our bones
lips to laugh light
catch us between blinking eyes
shadows lifted their legs to dance
peonies found in dumpsters at midnight
coffee stains telling us the time
laundry hung to dry in sunshine
something spectacular stood tall
tip toeing towards home
hands of the wind in her hair
women awake and walking
windows without glass 
words without writing
our voices making the requests known
our eyes fixed on the horizon lines of hope


Shakiba & Ana

Portraits featuring:  Christelle Dahinden (Fashion Designer), Katie Summers (Dancer),  Melissa Livermore (Performance & Video Artist), Esther (Student, Justice Seeker)  

Artists from Artenstan Filming, Paris France: Kamnoush Khosrovani (Dancer), Shakiba Dawod, Rezvvan Farsijani, Poroshat Soleimani, Larissa Roy