Corners, a Caravan, Cornwall

April 2017, Polzeath: Cornwall, England
a poem amidst photos

Greener grass on far corners of the earth. The ocean sits between our silly islands. 

We escape into wildflower fields, foraging forgotten feelings.


The space between then and now. Behind and before.

A curtain traced by tulips, white and lovely posed between me and the sunset. The sunset making skies blush over ocean horizons. 

A home on wheels, rooted in grass blooming daisies, duo dames in the kitchen blending into the living room.

Perhaps these moments are more than emotions and memories but actual things.  

Like marbles. Solid and sure no longer bubbles that burst. Time cannot pop them with her pressure and weight.

The stone rolls away in these moments between reality and eternity.


Easter Sunday dances all the way through, daring and no longer dormant. 

 "Wake up. Put your face in the sunlight.

    God’s bright glory has risen for you."
Isaiah 60

**Featuring Debbie, Melissa, Kyle, Meg & Bear Tubestation Church, and corners of light found on a journey to England. **