The Language of Hope

JUDY café, Paris France, 11h10 27.02.17

Teach me to speak the language of hope. 

The grammar and eloquence of words pointing to the unseen. Stewardship of letters spelled out in love. 

A language so refined with time, complexity connecting the dots of past to present to eternity. Looking forward and remembering that the rain produces promises of spring. Seeds planted with every sunrise.

A language that sparks and screams at darkness. A home full of candlelit conversations over cups of licorice mint tea. Where winter feels like springtime.

Help me to profess with fluency and frequency these dreams and desires of plan and purpose. Hands held in hunger for redemption. This imagination comes with consequences. Acts of kindness and love without limits. 

Praise becomes poetry, understood only by the one worthy of this worship.

Teach me the language of hope, harmonize it with humanity. Tones and tongues spoken on wavelengths of wonder, give me grace to speak this language of in every space.