j'étais en train

J’étais en train
{I was in the middle of}

I was in a train of thought
Interrupted by speeding light
Flickers and flashes
Mascara eye lashes
Wiped down each evening
As dreams take flight into the even darker night
About to become reality
I was en train de faire quelque chose
Très grand
I was about to
But didn’t

Self preservation and lack of confidence
A grounding of truth
Her middle name Ruth
About and out, things like this
Grown around dry bones

Secret gardens
White wine in plastic cups
Peanuts in our presence
Possibly and potentially the peanut gallery
Listening to our wise and wobbly words

Darling the possibilities are endless
So many fashionable things to lifestyle
We are hidden dream worlds
Legumes and dessert
Flowers are friends

Our futures are free range
We flow across the darkness
Words without want
Caught in the reverie of la vie
J’etais en train
I was on a train.

***poem written on the TGV (très grand vitesse) train from the South of France to Paris. The phrase  «j'étais en train de faire quelque chose» means "I was about to do something". My friend Stephanie and I bought a tiny bottle of white wine and ate leftover peanuts for dinner while zipping through the French countryside. Transitioning in and out of travel, work and rest. The city welcomes us back with bustling crowds and our hearts continue on living. 


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