Arrivals & Departures

Some may say I have arrived. In some senses, yes. I arrived in Paris, France on January 4, 2017.

Far be it from me that I'll ever truly arrive... We depart and arrive constantly. We leave behind a lot in the act of departure. Family, favorite mugs, hole ridden sentimental pairs of pants, unfinished books, half bottles of shampoo and humans we meet along the way. I didnt forget them at all, it is a conscious and continuous cycle of entering and exiting, fleeing and finding. There are moments of ah-has and woo-hoos, times of sadness and melancholy mixed with the mundane, in between monotone buzz of reality. There's the vibrant light that chimes joy in my soul when my eyes see the setting sun on glistening streets: golden and grand making all things alive. There's the shadows cast in windows, clementines and kalamata olives, roses and rivers, sips of tea in good company. Our passports stamped and bags unpacked but we have not yet arrived. It's eternity we must pack for in this life. 

Paris is alive as am I. Awake and breathing, here. Present. The journey began years ago, before I even knew it.  Today is a just another day in eternity, but for me there’s a bit more shimmer, shine and spirit to it. Bienvenue, welcome, we are all in the process of arriving. 


  1. Love the dove photo, and your artistic eye! You are a great writer! "It's eternity we must pack for in this life." Love that! <3

  2. The photo of your shoes remind me that God wants us to "walk by faith, not by sight. "

  3. Beautiful like you, Missy! I love your wordsmithing and photos.


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