The Invitation

The Invitation
Christmas 2016

The invitation arrived through the slit of the door. Hand addressed and with a seal stamped in wax. The fancy kind. The calligraphy and color announced the celebration of a birth. A newborn baby. Mixed with the christmas catalogues, coupons, big savings and consumer cravings. Arrived just in time. . .

You’ve been invited! Come quick and see, don’t forget to RSVP. A baby boy is on his way, we celebrate his coming on Christmas day. Humble in a manger marked with God’s grace. Oh you should see the look on his mother Mary’s face. Her soul glorifies the Lord, gifts brought from afar, from a few wise men who followed a strange star. These glistening lights we often see remind us he come down for both you and me. This invitation arrives at your door, taste and see that in this life there is abundantly more. From hallelujahs to Hosannas, our savior has come. In his presence we become fully undone. 

Decline the request and your presence will be missed. This man was beaten and betrayed with a kiss. Don’t miss out on the glory. Get wrapped up and redeemed by this Christmas story. Respond with “YES” and you will see, this holiday goes beyond tinsel and glee. An enduring hope has been found, we see Jesus’ life has freed the chains of injustice for those who were bound. Step out of sin and the dark and open humble hands let your life become the Creator’s art. 

This baby was born and for us his life was given. Buried in a tomb and now he is risen. Risen and redeemed, this consumer and coupon Christmas is not as it seemed. There’s a risen savior who came down from above. We hold a crumpled invitation- the word of God. the main theme is love. Tribulations and trial, he was on earth for but a little while. The greatest gift of all, that his spirit might fall. To touch our lives and breathe on us. Breathe on us oh God. Let us be the hands and feet to bless. Respond to this invitation with a faith filled YES.


Thank you for joining me on this journey of life. There is beauty in both the details and distant journeys. At home and across the sea there is light to be found. These photos have been taken thought 2016. Say yes to this invitation of abundant life.

  Katie, Orlando Fl.

    Radiate Conference

  SoCal Creatives retreat

Fig Mountain 

 Isla Vista, Michelle, brea, julia & hollace
 missoula MT, Elaine Kelly
Ghost Ship, Oakland
 Allisha, Isla Vista
 Jael, Caj√©
 Hannah, Martinez

 Mason George, Ireland
Glasgow, Scotland

The healing garden, Martinez


    Yosemite Sunrise


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