I am made of... A Self Portrait poem


I am made
Of precious and delicate things
Secret things I know nothing about
Chemical reactions I cannot acknowledge
Keep me breathing
Heart beating
Against goosebumped skin
The red and white blanket wrapped around
Long legs crisscrossed on my favorite white chair
The few and favorite things
vessels of my yearning
I am made
Of spirit soaked water
Hair streaked with sunshine and chlorine
Chemicals that make me insanely sane
Thrifted and found items I drag around the world
Longings and long hair that are trimmed and chopped
Grown and a long gown of white
Whispers to me I will be a lovely sight
When all is made new
I prefer linking arms to be closer to you than
holding sweaty hands
Hanging onto each other's hearts
I am made
Of real and raw things
Messy things with ideas taped on
Scattered around the room of my heart
Broken things with tear stained cheeks
Tears that reminisce of rainy dull days
I am made
Of sunshine
A soul worn as skin
Freckled and scratched
Wrinkled and soft
Blemished and beautiful
A soul-skin that will soon be made radiant
I am made

Of Hope.

photo credit: Hannah Curran