Joy Session

Coming from the french word joie, joy goes beyond happiness into the depths of our lives and hearts. As my dear friend Papa Barclay would say about his vibrant colored shirts, "it's an outward expression of an inward condition". We have the daily choice to wear joy, let it be an outward expression even amidst trial and the messiness of life.  There are so many beautiful people in this world who choose live in joy and it's noticeable. The "Joy Session" was an idea to get friends together, showcase their personalities and uniqueness as well as just have fun! 

Sunflowers for me have come to represent community- we all grow in some dirt, but all together in one field. We stretch our faces and follow the light and grow at different rates. Each unique and beautiful in its own way, and in the end we send out our seeds and multiply. 

Thank you to models and friends Jamie, Rose, Tess and Avery (and shoutout to Uncle Larry, Grandpa and Drew for helping). 

We chose to showcase a variety of pieces of jewelry from Noonday Collection- a marketplace to provide dignified jobs in vulnerable communities through fair trade. Contact Jess Seghers for info on how to order some of these incredible pieces!