Sloppy Scans

It's true, our souls need time to catch up to our bodies. Ireland, England, France and Scotland in a matter of a few weeks: my eyes have seen beautiful things. I came home to boxes of art supplies, clothes, class notes and random nicknacks from my time in College. After spending a month living out of a bag small enough to skip the budget aircraft luggage fee, with only 1 pair of pants and travel sized everything I was bombarded with all my junk. These silly things our souls get tied up in. Sorting through I stumbled upon some old film photos- the blurry and bad kind but you keep anyways. Jet lagged and a bit looney, I painted over captured moments from my past and made them new. Scanned them in and sending them off to friends via snail mail. More photos from Europe to come later. :)

a poem written during move out in Isla Vista:
Burns, bruises and scars
The basil plant wilts on our window sill
I can’t figure it out
There’s evidence of decay
We must prune and pack it all away
Into cardboard boxes with chicken scratch labels
Few nights left to laugh at our beige table
Categorizing our experiences
Donating books that built this brain
Leaving this apartment the same
Just as we found it, white walls and a clean sink
It sinks in and dust forms