Through these portals we escape into a timeless world. The zone of wheels and worn out shoes, jet lag lingering on coffee scented breath. Airports are dreams in reality. Floating between spaces we find traces of other worlds, trapped inside the subconsciousness of these walls, the airplane who takes us from point A to point B, our soul needs to catch up with our body. The workers that go through security checkpoints on routine leave me curious what life would be like to be so close to the rest of the world every day. Layovers and delays, there's a man with a large beard and orange vest who likely handles the baggage of stress ridden travelers. The one who takes a leisurely vacation to the tropics stands next to the one who’s just lost their loved one and returns home for the memorial service. All the emotions in the world, the dreams, the beliefs and disappointments under one high security roof. Threats of chaos are high in these places of realistic dreams, the epicenter of globalization lies in the travel of bodies that transcends time and space. Safety, security and comfort are priorities here and in our hearts. We sit. We think. We go. Floating through, setting our roots in distant places away from the soil that grew our grandfathers. Traveling souls, journeying together, away from one another, towards each other in distant dreams of reality. All hopeful for home.