Bare Feet

Next Steps 
the next steps I do not know
all I see are my little toes
the path is long
my eyes are weak
all I ask is that you would speak
show me your plan
or give me direction
point me towards you
I want to be your reflection
you came to leave the world
not to just change it,
making us the ones to now save it
give me your spirit
so I might not stumble
give me your wisdom
but keep me humble
These next steps matter, yes
but it’s the person, not the path you care most about
the one growing up, not just going out
I need courage and strength
to take the next length

no longer bare footed
but equipped with boots
that can go through darkest forests
but remember her roots
the home I leave now
I may never return
for I venture out to come home to you,
heaven is my destination
as I take my first steps
to go make disciples of all nations

*Photos taken in Pairs and Isla Vista
If you have any wisdom to give on taking steps of faith into the unknown please share