The Malleability of Humanity


the malleability of humanity
makes it hard to see
are we good or are we bad?
is humankind going mad?
the brokenness of our world
the brokenness of our heart
separated from our creator
feeling worlds apart
we consider ourselves wise
but this comes to our demise
the end of the experiment
do we still choose to live in torment?
will we die of heart attack
or choose to live and act
become the ones who make things happen
to stop the silence
be the ones to put an end to the violence

humanmortal, flesh and blood;
 fallible, weak, frail, 
imperfect, vulnerable, susceptible,
 erring, error-prone; 
physical, bodily, fleshly.

On the days you feel like dust- the material you're made of and return to. Embrace your humanity but not too tightly, there's a soul in there that needs to be tended to. Study your self in relation to society- what's your purpose- is it peace? I'm a human with a body and a soul.