En Route

"Live as people who are free" 1 Peter 2

A little video for you to share in the adventure!

How do you define adventure? It's what happens when something unexpected happens and you begin to improvise of life. My friend's dad Dave Dishman hits it spot on: "Adventure involves expanding your humanity. As you go into the world, your thought processes shift, your mindset changes and your compassion blooms. You nourish your soul. That's worthwhile". 

Why travel? Why not stay home in the comfortable confines of routine and daily life? Our lives are physical and spiritual journeys. Traveling is like life: a journey- there is a destination but the path along the way is what leads us to the goal. Hues and saturation created by light, water and dirt form landscapes of raw material that give us a sense of awe and connection with the creator. I travel to learn about the creativity of my creator.

Sunday June 1, 2015: Arches National Park journal entry. 

Red, monstrous, gigantic, larger than life, expansive, a vertical land in the presence of my eyes- my appetite for seeing God's various raw supplies for creation. It's as if he is still creating. Weather is his chisel, the rain and sky are his brushes, touches of greens and blues bursting forth. He paints with color and creativity. He is still creating, reforming, redeeming, recycling this Earth. 
The breeze flowing through my hair remind me that time and space are his tools for creating me. As I age and grow older my body and spirit evolves- taking new forms, swimming, stepping into new places of the world in this journey of life. From where I sit I see blue sky, white clouds, plateaus of red rock, snow capped mountains, green plains and a dear friend Claire near me. Nature is beautiful but the human spirit carries the living spirit of God in it, radiant and stunning in its appearance. 

In the desert I seek you, reveal yourself to me
In the sun you shine your light on me
on the earth you grow me
In the storm you preserve me
in the silence you speak to me
in the noise you seek me
in this life you live in me

Go before me
on this journey
let me step into your glory
I give you my life story
For even these rocks cry out
for your glory they shout. 

P.S. Getting an annual National Parks Pass was the best purchase of my college career: get one!


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