Love on the move


Love grew up
and moved out of the house
It left the walls she once knew
extending into the unknown
Fields of wildflowers
reveal its powers
intimate and intricate beauty
love extends itself to the sea. 

When storms come 
Love will stay
Bringing things to light that were once grey
transforming thunderstorms to rainbows 
love waters and life grows

it bursts through clouds
shining like the sun- high and proud 
but in humility she whispers
sneaking in quietly and pure
bringing forth the human cure 
to death and pain
not for its own gain
but for God's glory
love is the author of the story

it is patient and kind
bringing forth wisdom to the humble mind
not wanting what the world gives
but being rooted the secret is

Love never fails
never goes stale
always fresh even in old age
willing to turn the page

Love conquers all
roots itself even in the fall

Love grew up and moved out
gained her voice and began to shout
from the rooftops it proclaims
that true love has removed all the stains
covering a multitude of sins
love is where it all begins

{A poem written en route to the Grand Tetons from Colorado in a packed car, reflection on the power and humility of love, its endurance and outward actions.) 

Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.(Romans 13:8)