The first year of twenties
The best year of life yet.
Responsibilities partnered 
with adventurous activities
Provision and Promise
from the one who loves me
eating breakfast in window by the sea
friends that come, some that go
what I'll do with my life only God knows. 
Leaps of faith and bouts of wisdom
al that make His kingdom come
Spoken to me through Isaiah sixty-one

Oaks of righteousness and crowns of glory
Anchored in hope is the theme of my story
Good and faithful
Abundant and true
It's evident that this is a year that I grew
As life flies 
before my eyes
to be still and think of the gift of life

So cheers to twenty one
who knows what will come?
Vibrance of hues
color of creation
life on earth so temporary
God who makes life not so scary

Heaven above, Earth below
He is the only king I want to know.
To hear God laugh
to see him smile
I'm willing to wait here just for a little while
For my time is brief
he is my relief
to be the hands and feet
makes existence so sweet

Twenty One: Let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD (Psalm 150)May this year be one of praise.