Steadfast with Scars

This photos is a pretty accurate description of my past week... Amidst pain and healing there is incredible beauty, joy and hope to hold onto. It feels like with every good God thing that happens there is also something hard, painful or challenging that accompanies it- a battle that is not to be fought alone. Shortly after watching this beautiful sunset over horsetooth resevoir I returned to find a parking ticket on my car- no idea I needed a permit! My hand got scraped up after falling off my bike wednesday on my way to leading crazy bowling with CRU high school (you can see the scab in the photo), there was difficulty with coordinating buses, having to remotely figure out some housing stuff, a clogged toilet, fly infestation in our room and sleep was scarce BUT there has been an incredible amount of hope that I choose to hold onto. God has provided financially for my summer- when you make your problems big, your view of God is small but when you serve a BIG God, problems are small in comparison. Spiritual battle is intense going into the first week of ministry but there is beauty in this mess, and healing in these scars. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and encouragements.