Dreams from Dust

The debris has settled on the floor of our hearts
Has taken a year to sink down.
The aftermath of the mess has not been swept away
We’ve pushed some things under the rug
But something has triggered an earthquake
The fault line of our broken hearts has shaken and the dust has lifted. 

Evil is incomprehensible.
To attempt to understand it by means of rational thought
Results in the destruction of hope.
But when brought to the light evil does not stand
It shatters into powder.
Evil exposed in the brightness of truth
is black, lifeless matter made up of jealousy, greed and pride

This time around the source of life is eternal and full of grace
It shines through the shadows

The dust we thought was gone will be reformed,
Living water transforms it to mud, making clay for the creator’s hands to reform
Sculpting and recreating what was once lifeless
Redeeming the dust of our hearts
He makes all things new from dust

He makes things new in us.

Isla Vista, California. 6500 Block of Sabado Tarde. 
Gunshots again. Put on lock down, the unsettled feelings of last year's tragedy still fresh in our minds reawakened my awareness of hope for this city. Light shines brightest in darkness. 

 "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5