Therefore Go...

" Ascribe to the Lord and bring an offering to His name. Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
for his steadfast love endures forever! (1 Chronicles 16:27)

I try to think of ways to use my photography to go beyond the screen and help create change in the world… Spring Break 2014 I will be embarking on a journey to another world. Out of Isla Vista, across the country and into jungles onto streets without names. The Dominican Republic: a beautiful country know to Americans for its sandy beaches and tourist sites, there is so much more! I will be joining a team of other college athletes from throughout California who desire to see God's love revealed to the world. We will be working with orphanages teaching sports camps as well as doing Vacation Bible School, music, and and crafts (I am most excited for the crafts!!!). 

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually I need your help. The first and most important is prayer: please be praying that language would not be a barrier and love would be spoken with the kids we are working with, for overall health for our team, and for my heart to be radically changed from this trip: I do not expect to come back the same Hope as I left. Second please ask questions and get to know more! Lastly, God has done abundantly more that I could have imagined through finances. 9 more days until my march 15th deadline for my last payment is due!I Just $900 away from my goal of $1,900 to fully fund air fare and travel expenses. 

$900 in 9 days seems like a lot but I want to invite you in on this in a creative way. I will be making 4x6 card-stock prints of photos I take on my trip, for anyone who commits to financially supporting me of any sum I will personally print and send you 2 photos! They will be randomized but I am confident that they will tell a story and be a part of the change and love I hope to bring to the Dominican.

 click “donate” in the memo section note that your donation is made out to Hope Curran.. Checks, cash, or prayers are acceptable forms of payment.