Ladybugs & Mermaids

There is something fantastic and magical about the act of shooting film. There is the excitement of loading a new roll of film and spinning it into the sockets in the back of the camera. There is the watching, gazing, spying, and searching for precious  and rare moments worthy of one of your twenty-four chance. Then there is the forgetting and neglect of the camera in a bag or drawer for a few weeks, months, or possibly years. The sheer joy that follows when you find it again, like seeing an old friend. There is the going and spending a small fortune to get it developed. Excitement & 
memories paired with mess-up shots, underexposure,sunflare and blinking all come together in a neatly sealed envelope. Film is fantastically magical. 

[UCSB Training Camp: summer 2013]

[The Gregg Wilson: summer 2013]

[Isla Vista View]

[Lady bug on the windshield]

[UCSB Mermaids]

 [UCSB Training Camp: Campus pool]


  1. Loving your photos! They are all really creative. Its fun to see what other RSS girls are doing. Great blog!

    -Stephanie Wolfe


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