Where do I even begin? Starting a blog/website involves a lot of energy, time, and creative juices. Not to mention orginization. Let me begin by saying that I am not a very organized person. My room is a jungle of collections jumbled up into one giant collage- a nice way of saying a huge mess. My note books are slathered in doodles and drawings and it can be hard to find the notes they are meant for. So I thought a website might just be the place to start over and get things organized. By things I mean photos... Since 7th grade I have pursued the art of photography. I have owned 3 digital cameras and countless memory cards, experimented with film for 3 years, and now it's all ready to be put in its place. The untold stories and captured moments that just end up on hard-drives, CDs, memory cards, folders, or some crevice I don't even know about. My photos are begging to be let out of their captivity and shown to you! Join me on this adventure to simplify my life by sorting, deleting, and sharing my photos with you!